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Below you will find a selection of watches that we have chosen for you. A watch is actually an integral part of anyone's fishing equipment. A watch is as important as any fishing tackle. It's good to know how long you've been fishing in a particular spot. That way if the fish aren't cooperating, you know how long it's been and when to make a change. You don't want to waste too much time in an unproductive spot. And what if you're 5 miles into Glacier National Park and have to be at work by five o'clock? You need to know what time it is. I know 2 years ago when I caught the largest trout that I ever have ultra light fishing; I was paying attention to my watch during the fight, because I thought it was quite a battle.

After I finally landed the trout (while worm fishing with our custom tied fishing hooks, by the way), I looked at my watch again, and it had taken 1 hour! That's what it's all about, and if I hadn't had a watch on, I would have had to rely on my imagination and memory to know how long the fight was. But because of my watch, I was positive of the amount of time it took to land that Swan River rainbow trout. And once again JRWfishing.com has partnered with a pair of great companies to bring our visitors almost unreal savings.


Watches~ Quality products for fishermen from Northwest Montana