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What is Extruded Trout Bait?

Extruded trout bait is biodegradable, floating, and fish attractant. It looks and feels similar to play dough. It's moldable like play dough and very easy to use. As we said it's biodegradable, so it's friendly to the environment.

When the bait gets wet it releases special scents and flavors into the water that fish are attracted to. The manufactures have researched and studied their various formulas with real trout (likely in hatchery environments) and come up with their own best formulas.

Some of these manufacturers would include, but are not limited to, Berkley, Uncle Josh, Atlas-Mikes, Mister Twister, and Eagle Claw.

In fact some versions of trout bait are a liquid that the angler squirts onto whatever bait they may be using to entice a trout. In some instances anglers will squirt this liquid onto their lures before throwing them into the water. It is believed that the scent trail that is left being as the angler retrieves the lure will attract the fish with their very sensitive scense of smell.

These baits come in almost any color or combination of colors that a person can conceive of. Some of them would include red, yellow, pink, chartreuse, blue, and white. Not to mention combinations of all of them. And for those anglers that aren't interested in scooping the play dough out of the can and forming the trout bait into a hook sized ball our Powerbait Press trout bait scoop might interest you and some manufacturers have the trout bait already formed into a "nugget" for you. Oh yes, it's quite a world we live in.

Another form of trout bait is a marshmallow. When we were growing up we used to use real white marshmallows for stocked trout. But times have changed. Some of these manufacturers have taken it upon themselves to add various flavors and colors their versions. Some of these flavors include; garlic, cheese, shrimp, and even anise. Don't ask us who figured out how trout like the taste of garlic or anise; we suggest you just roll with it. Life's too short to waste time worrying about such things.

How do I use Trout Bait?

As we said you can either roll it into balls or buy the pre-made nuggets. Whichever you prefer. These balls then float when put into the water. So you want the trout bait to float off of the bottom above any underwater vegetation that may be present. You want your ball of trout bait to be bite sized to the fish, so you're more than likely going to use a fairly small hook. We suggest size #10, but it's up to you.

Basically you want and egg sinker heavy enough to keep your line from moving, but not too heavy. If it's windy you'll just have to experiment until you have enough weight to keep your line taught. Between the weight and the bait you want enough line that your trout bait will be floating above any underwater vegetation that may be present. If it's a smooth bottom an eight to twenty inch leader (or length of line) will be sufficient. Now you simply cast your line out, let it sink to the bottom, tighten the line, and wait for your rod tip to start bouncing. The trout bait will do the rest of the work for you. Other than the hook set of course. We'll have to rely on you for that one.

If you would like to see what kinds of these baits we have available, simply click on the words trout baits.