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How The Weather and Moon Impacts Fishing

The best time to go fishing is anytime you can, am I right? As anglers we're all well aware of this fact, but the bottom line is that there are times during the day, week, and month that are more productive than others when it comes to catching fish. In this article we're going to discuss a couple of ways to figure out the best time to go fishing and how the moon affects fishing and fish behavior. When you figure out how to be on the water at the appropriate times, your catch rates will increase dramatically, there's no doubt about it.

So, how do we figure out what is the best time to fish or more to the point the best time to be fishing? This is actually much simpler than you might have imagined. It has to do with paying attention to the weather and moon. These two forces of Mother Nature have as much to do with the best time to go fishing as any single two factors. In many instances more so than what type of bait or lure you choose to employ.

Many anglers don't realize this simple fact. The best way to determine the best time to go fishing is to learn the ways in which the weather and moon affect fishing and thus fish behavior. Don't worry, there's no need to become a meteorologist or astronomer. All you have to do is learn the basics, which can be accomplished with an hour or so of study. The bottom line is that determining the best time to go fishing has a ton to do with both the weather and moon. For example, did you know that fish are much more active when the moon is in certain phases? It's true, and when fish are more active you (the angler) get more bites. The phases of the moon are incredibly important to pay attention to. Just making sure that you're on the water fishing when the moon is in a certain phase will mean that you'll catch more fish.

How about the weather? Do you know what happens to fish when the weather changes? Or more importantly how the fish react to changing weather? The weather and fishing are tied together like dark clouds and precipitation. Things like fronts passing through your fishing area have an incredible impact on the feeding behavior of fish, and understanding how this all works is integral to becoming a truly good angler. It really is incredible how the weather and moon affect the behavior of fish and thus the fishing.

Have you ever had one of those epic days fishing, where it seemed like no matter what you threw into the water resulted in fish being caught? Most of us have, and I can tell you from experience that days like this have as much to do with the weather and moon as our prowess as anglers. Begin using the weather and moon to your advantage and you'll begin catching many more fish almost immediately.

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