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Quality products for fishermen from Northwest Montana

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Did you ever wonder how to measure fish quickly and accurately? Sure, measuring fish is easy with a small tape measure, but keeping track of your fishing tape measure can be a real pain in the butt. There is little doubt that if you want to know how to measure fish, you need some way to accomplish fish measuring without having to keep track of a traditional "tape measure". Fishermen who use boats know how to measure fish because they attach their fishing tape measure directly to the boat itself, thus making measuring fish extremely quick and easy. Without a boat though having a quick way to measure fish can be a bit more of a challenge.

Now you can always have your fish measuring device close at hand when fishing thanks to the JRW Rod Ruler fishing tape measure. No more fumbling around for a tape measure to measure your fish while fishing, with the JRW Rod Ruler fish ruler your fishing tape measure is always within easy reach because it is attached to your fishing rod!

Created in the USA, Rodrule fish ruler decals allow fishermen to measure fish quickly and accurately. Ideal for those who practice catch & release, measuring fish with the JRW Rod Ruler eliminates stumbling through good fishing water in search of a spot to lay down your catch for a ruler measurement or fumbling through your fishing vest in search of your fishing tape measure. Simply hold your fish next to your fishing rod and measure against the fish ruler. We're telling you, measuring fish using this fishing tape measure is as easy and convenient as it gets. If you've ever wondered how to measure fish, this is your answer.

The JRW rod ruler fish ruler is a inch x 36 inch clear decal you apply directly onto your fishing rod. The self-adhesive vinyl decal applies easily and allows the color of the rods to show through with only the inch white increment marks visible for measuring fish. The flexible material easily conforms to the curves of your fishing rods and will not effect the action of the fishing rod in any way.

Each package contains a pair (2 each), 36 inch long Rodrule fish rulers that can be cut to your desired length to fit easily to any fishing rod. In other words, for under six bucks you get a fish ruler for your two favorite fishing rods! Although the package states "right handed", we suggest that you stick the rulers direcly down the spine(the middle) of your rod for the best placement. JRW Rod Rulers are so cool that you'll wonder how you ever went fishing without this fish ruler on your fishing rod.

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How to Attach a JRW Rod Ruler Fishing Tape Measure to your fishing rod for measuring fish:

The vinyl film that the JRW Rod Ruler is manufactured from is a thin, flexible, self-adhesive material. You will need to be very careful during the removal of the back-liner and while applying to your rods. Any stretching of the vinyl will distort the accuracy. Pay special attention to static electricity that you may experience when removing the backing from the fish ruler itself as well.

The optimum application temperature range is between 50f - 75f degrees. Before you start to apply your fishing tape measure you will first need to clean the surface of your fishing rod with a mild soap & water solution. It is best if you secure your rod horizontally to a table top to prevent from moving during application, masking tape works well for this.

  • Figure out where you want to position the rod ruler on your fishing rod. Determine whether you wish to use the whole 36 inches or if you want to cut down to a smaller size. Use a sharp scissors or a razor blade to cut your fishing tape measure to length.

  • Once you have figured out placement of your rod ruler you can start to peel back the liner from the decal, starting at the 1 inch mark. To do this, let the decal hang vertically and begin to peel the entire liner back slowly. The slower you remove the less likely you will stretch the decal or create unwanted static electricity. Once the liner has been removed, grasp the end of the decal with your other hand.

  • With the decal in both hands, hold taught about 1 inch above the surface of your rod at the desired location (right down the spine). Remember not to pull too tight! Let the center of the decal touch the rod first, working out to the ends. You want to avoid repositioning your decal so work slowly. Lifting the decal from the surface may cause it to stretch.

  • Using a finger at the center of the decal, gently slide your finger over the decal in each direction working your way to the ends. Once in place firmly rub the entire decal to ensure complete adhesion. If you have applied the rod ruler to a two piece fishing rod, simply cut the ruler with a razor blade at the union of the two pieces. That's it and you are ready to start measuring fish and will never again wonder how to measure fish, you will in fact know how.




Rod Ruler ~ Quality products for fishermen from Northwest Montana