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Our friends at Cabela's have secured some incredible prices on nets and creels that you will find below. I speak from experience when I say that having access to a net while river or stream fishing is very important. For ultra light fishing, itís even more important. A good net can make the difference between landing your fish and losing your fish.   My net is as important as any of my fishing tackle.   Landing large fish without a net can be quite difficult.  If you don't already know, a nice net will become as important to you as your fishing rods. 

I know when I caught my last large rainbow trout (twenty two inches); the fight alone took almost forty five minutes.  You see, I use ultra light fishing equipment and tackle, so after that amount of time with a fish that size my equipment has been taxed to its breaking point.  The last thing I needed to be doing at that point was trying to land that fish by hand.  But fortunately I had my net hanging on my back and the landing and subsequent release of that fish was simple and easy.  And that fish swam away, unharmed, to fight another day.  It was a beautiful thing my friends.

 And for those of you who would like to take a fish or two out of the river for dinner, we have a couple of quality creels that may interest you. And if you do choose to use a creel, you'll look like the characters in "A River Runs Through It."  And we think that look is a good look.  Any of these nets or creels will be a great addition to your fishing gear.  Don't forget to check out our fishing rods and reels section for more of the equipment you need. 

Nets and Creels ~ Quality products for fishermen from Northwest Montana