Quality products for fishermen from Northwest Montana
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Quality products for fishermen from Northwest Montana

Double your chances of catching 'short striking' fish with JRW super fish catching gang hooks. Our fishing hooks, known as gang hooks (which make great trout fishing hooks) are perfect for hooking a live worm for fishing and will catch more fish than any other style of fishing hooks.  Our guess is that the reason that you are here is because you want to catch more fish, are we right?  Well, our fish catching gang hooks will help you do exactly that.  These hooks aren't magic, they are a simple idea, that it just so happens are incredibly effective, especially when it comes to fishing with a worm

Our fishing hooks are most notably used as trout fishing hooks or for drift fishing in a river or stream for many other fresshwater fish species. Many customers say they are the best fishing hooks they have ever used. The truth of the matter is that our fishing hooks are effective for any species of fish where worms are being used as bait. Our hooks make the perfect worm rigs, whether you are talking about small fishing worms, such as red worms, large fishing worms such as night crawlers, or even synthetic worms such as Berkley Power worms or Alive Night Crawlers .

Fishing Gang Hooks

  • Spring Special For A Limited Time get a FREE package of gang hooks for every order of 10 or more packages that you order (in the same size configuration)! For example, buy 10 packages of whatever size gang hook bait rigs and we will send you one extra package for free for a total of 11 in that size. Order 15, we'll send you 16 packages, etc.

    How to use JRW Gang Hooks.

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Hook Configurations and Add Ons

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Pay with Pay-palJRW gang hooks super fish catching hooks should be used anytime that you are fishing with worms because they enable the worm to be presented in an outstretched and natural manner the way nature and the fish that you are attempting to catch are used to. Our worm rigs consistently catch more fish when fishing worms are the bait as compared to a single fishing hook. If you enjoy fishing with worms, there is no better way to present said fishing worms in a natural and realistic manner than a set of JRW fish catching gang hooks, there no doubt about it!

Think about it? Try using the most popular of all fishing worms, a night crawler and hooking that big guy onto a single fishing hook. One of two things happen, a single #4 fishing hook (or larger) is used and the worm is hooked once and then "wrapped" around the shank of the hook with a small "tail" of the worm left hanging off or the night crawler is hooked over and over again creating what we like to call a worm ball. Hooking a worm in either of these ways is totally unnatural and ineffective. Yet these two methods of hooking a worm are used by almost everyone! With JRW gang hooks these issues are eliminated!

If you want to know how to hook a worm effectively and catch more fish, our fish catching gang hooks are your answer. As we said they were originally used as trout fishing hooks, and still are to this very day, but are incredibly effective for virtually any species of freshwater game fish. Whether you are hooking a worm, want to learn how to hook a worm, are using these trout fishing hooks to make a Powerbait rig, or just need some effective live worm rigs that present your worm realistically, it has never been easier or more effective than with the fishing hooks known as JRW fish catching gang hooks.

JRW gang hooks are sold for $3.79 and $3.49 and each package contains 5 sets of gang hooks. A "set of gang hooks" is a pair of fishing hooks tied back to back on a 12-24 inch leader. These fishing hooks are the most effective and realistic way of fishing with worms (especially if those fishing worms are alive) that has ever been created. You can see from the picture how we've been rigging fishing worms (often while drift fishing for trout) for years. It's simple and it's effective. The top of the fishing worm goes through the top hook and the middle of the fishing worm goes through the trailing hook. Our fishing hooks are effective for many species of fish including; all species of freshwater trout, walleye, large and small mouth bass to name just a few. We have been fishing using these wonderful fishing hooks for more than a quarter of a century and know from experience how effective that they are as worm rigs, and know they will be just as effective for you. The video below explains the different sizes that we offer and will help you determine the best configuration for your favorite style of fishing.

A couple of simple, effective suggestions for catching more fish:

  • When using JRW fish catching Gang Hooks with large fishing worms such as night crawlers, we suggest pinching the worm in half before rigging it onto a set of gang hooks

  • One of our favorite trout fishing rigs is half of a nightcrawler rigged on a set of #10 gang hooks. Then go drift fishing in a small river or stream. It's a great trout fishing technique and one of the best trout fishing tips that you will ever find.

  • When making worm rigs or trout rigs of any kind we suggest attaching gang hook fishing hooks to your line with a barrel swivel. Using a swivel gives you a strong union between worm rigs and fishing line. This also prevents your line from becoming twisted and worn out.

 Here's what some satisfied customers have said about our gang hooks: 

"I was happy to get the mail and see your envelope before the kids and I headed out to the lake where we've been fishing. If you remember, the kids AND I were getting a little frustrated with the well schooled fish out at the local lake. The past few trips only produced frowns and two dozen worms taken without ONE catch. NOT TODAY!  REALLY...  I rigged all of our lines with your gang hooks and it was like a circus! Within 45 minutes we each had 7 or 8 reel-ins each! Just wanted you to know...   Thanks again for the great service and product."

Rick Leventhal 
Butler, PA

"I didn't realize how much lighter line and smaller hooks meant to me actually hooking up.  Now that I use JRW Gang hooks I realize it and am much more successful.  Thanks for the fast shipping as well."

John Dwyer
Chicago, IL

"It never occurred to me that I wasn't presenting live worms in the most effective manner.  Now I know how to present my live worm thanks to your hooks.  Thanks a lot!"

Jessica Boone
Columbus, OH




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