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We have had a ton of interest in JRW, who he was, and how he fished. So, in our continuing effort to give our visitors what they're interested in, we have decided to write an e-book that explains JRW's fishing secrets in a clear concise manner for anyone who might be interested.

In this very affordable e-book we give you many of JRW's fishing secrets so that you can begin doing the things that made him such a successful angler. In this book we lay out the secrets that JRW used to become the best angler that we ever came in contact with. His simple, yet amazingly effective approach to catching fish will help anyone become a better angler. Steven Wright once said, "There's a fine line between fishing and standing on the shore looking like an idiot." No truer words have ever been spoken and this e-book will help you avoid the 'looking like an idiot' part of that quote.

In this incredible, yet easy to read, 30+ page e-book book you will learn the following things, plus much, much more:

  1. How the size of your equipment plays a major role in your ability to catch fish.

  2. What type of tackle is most effective?

  3. The greatest way ever created to carry worms while fishing. And how to make one for almost no money!

  4. How the weather and the moon really impact your ability to catch fish.

  5. Wading safety tips.

  6. How clothing affects your ability to catch fish.

  7. The best area's to fish.

  8. Even how to tie your own gang hooks, if you feel like it or get in a pinch on the water!

Before leaving this world, JRW was the greatest fisherman that we've ever come in contact with, which is the reason that we developed this incredible e-book and are offering to anyone who's interested in learning the fishing secrets of JRW. If you want to be a more successful angler, and catch more fish (especially trout), then you need to get a hold of this e-book. You'll probably even want to print it out and carry it with you on the water!

So if you've ever wondered how this JRW guy caught so many fish, and so many trophy trout, then you're going to want to get the new e-book The Fishing Secrets Of JRW, where all of the information is laid out for you to learn for yourself. For example, did you know that the size of the hooks that you use is important? Or that certain days during the month are better for catching trophy fish than others? Both of these statements are true, and after reading this e-book you'll understand exactly what we're referring to.

And never forget, all JRW products including this E-book, The Fishing Secrets of JRW, are unconditionally guaranteed, so if you buy this e-book and think that it was a waste of money, simply let us know and we will refund every penny that was spent. That's JRW's promise to you.






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