Quality products for fishermen from Northwest Montana
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Quality products for fishermen from Northwest Montana

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Below, you will find a selection of rods and reels that again, we have used and like very much. They have the JRW "seal of approval", if you will. The Cabelas Clasic IM6 spinning rods are very affordable, and very effective. I've been using a St Croix Premier Series for many years and love it to death.   In our opinion, the fishing rods that you will find on this page are some of the best on the market, especially for the money.    

Our favorite fishing reel for stream and river fishing is a Pflueger Trion GX-7 spinning reel, and again, I love it! When you're out rainbow trout fishing (for example), and hook into a 3-4 pound fish, you're going to want a quality rod and reel. When that drag starts buzzing because the 3-4 pound rainbow trout is making a run, the last thing you need is an inferior fishing rod or reel.  Because if you have an inferior fishing reel in this kind of situation, you can say goodbye to that trout! 

A quality fishing rod and reel is paramount to ultra light fishing, stream fishing, river fishing, hell, all fishing. And at JRWfishing.com we are committed to bringing it to you.  And through our partnership with Cabelas, we can bring quality equipment to you at great prices.  Hey we're just trying to live up to our motto and save you time and help you catch more fish.  Below you will find the best fishing rods simply click the word spinning reels to find the best that Cabela's has to offer.  You can get much of your fishing tackle for trout fishing at Cabelas.  

Simply click on fishing rods for more information, or fishing reels, to learn more about where they both came from and the different types available to fishermen.



Rods & Reels ~ Quality products for fishermen from Northwest Montana