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Ladies and gentlemen of the outdoors, we offer you more essential equipment! We have teamed up with ebags.com to offer you great deals on items that can be used while fishing, traveling, or taking that fishing vacation. We recommend the Camelbak: Hydrate or Die - CamelBak's mantra is hardly an exaggeration. As the originators of the hydration backpack category, CamelBak has spent more than a decade developing hydration systems which allow users to access their water quickly and easily. Once you use one, it will become as necessary as any of your fishing tackle.

Whether it is a CamelBak M.U.L.E., a CamelBak H.A.W.G., or a Camelbak Rogue, every hydration pack is tested with pro and amateur athletes and adventurers, so that they're sure to survive your adventures, too! Trust me people, whenever I am fishing, I do get thirsty (especially when I wear neoprene waders in the summer). I am always extremely thankful that I don't have to take my vest off to grab a bottle of water. With the Camelbak, the water nozzle is on my shoulder, so when it is time for a drink, it's right there. Also, the Camelbak is small enough to fit comfortably under my vest. Another "you can't live without one" item brought to you by JRW Fishing.com and Ebags. And if I'm riding my bike in Glacier National Park, my Camelbak comes with me. It's become a must for me.

And as a part of our continuing effort to save our customers money, use this link to do just that. . Our partnership with Ebags continues to save JRWfishing.com visitors time and money. So find the Camelbak that you're interested in, then click the text link and save the 20%! It's that easy to save money. And when you're done saving money on Ebags, get out there and go fishing with JRW!

CamelBak teamed up with Skullcandy to give you the Hellion 100oz Hydration Pack. With 60mm speakers in the upper straps and an easy-control soft switch panel in the middle of the strap, you wont miss ... more info.

Camelbak's ~ Quality products for fishermen from Northwest Montana