Quality products for fishermen from Northwest Montana
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Quality products for fishermen from Northwest Montana

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As you know, at JRWfishing.com we're all about River and Stream fishing. But we're not at all adverse to boat fishing, we just don't practice it quite as much as the other. And all of us can't afford $20,000 for a new fishing boat, or $5,000 for a used fishing boat for that matter. Below you will find an assortment of inflatable fishing boats.

These boats are some of the highest quality inflatable boats and Kayaks on the market today. We have one at our fishing cabin in northern Ontario, and it's a joy to fish out of. Not to mention storing it for the winter. Winterizing it couldn't be easier. These fishing boats and kayaks are also perfect for those of you who have RV's. In fact, If you have an RV or are interested in the deals that one of our favorite inflatable baot manufacturers has to offer, simply CLICK HERE

As you probably know, this site focuses on ultralight spin fishing with an emphasis on fishing for drift fishing and all of the inflatble fishing boats listed are extremely effective personal fishing boats that we use and endorse. We have used or are currently using most of these inflatable boats and can tell you from experience that they all perform wonderfully.

Just imagine being able to go fish your favorite lake with a boat. That's right, with the help of our partners you won't be confined to the shore any longer. You can get out into the lake and look for those Rainbow Trout (or whatever fish you may be looking for). You can even use many of these inflatable fishing boats and mini pontoon boats when river fishing to explore otherwise in-accessible water. Many lakes, such as the small ones in Glacier National Park, don't allow motorized boats, so an inflatable boat is the best way to go in many cases.

Frameless Pontoon Boat

435ps Paddleski

Sea Eagle 375fc Fold Cat Pro Angler

Sea Eagle 330 Sport Kayak



Mini Pontoon Boats - The Best Inflatable Boats For Fishing

One of the best ways to fish a river, small lake, or pond is with a mini pontoon boat, and below I will list and discuss some of the more popular mini pontoon boats that are available to anglers. These boats are great for many types of fishing, from fly fishing in the west to largemouth bass fishing anywhere that largemouth bass swim.

The biggest key to purchasing any of these mini pontoon boats is to make your purchase from a quality manufacturer. If you purchase your boat from a quality manufacturer it will last for many years of fishing. If on the other hand you skimp, you can become very disenfranchised and think that inflatable fishing boats are not a viable option.

So, how do you know you're dealing with a quality manufacturer? A quality manufacturer will stand behind their mini pontoon boats with things like free trial periods, money back guarantees, and free or discounted shipping and handling charges. Any or all of these things show you that you are dealing with a good manufacturer who makes a quality boat.

  1. Fish Cat 9 - This is the perfect mini drift boat. This boat holds 1 angler comfortably and is sturdy enough to handle very rough water. This mini pontoon boat is perfect for river fishing western rivers. This boat is manufactured by FishCat, a great manufacturer.
  2. Outcast PAC 1000 - This boat is one of the most popular mini pontoon boats on the market. Again, this boat is made by Outcast, so quality isn't an issue. The PAC 1000 is a one angler boat and is great for both river and lake fishing. This boat is equally good for both fly and spin fishing. The pontoons on this boat are made out of 1100 denier PVC, which is extremely durable. The PAC1000 is extremely maneuverable and a pleasure to fish from.
  3. FoldCat Mini Pontoon Boat - While the above boats can take upwards of 45 minutes to assemble, you can be fishing on the FoldCat in under 5 minutes. Of all the mini pontoon boats in this article the FoldCat may be the best and most economical option. But, just because the FoldCat is less expensive than comparable boats it doesn't mean that the FoldCat isn't a quality product. The FoldCat is made by Sea Eagle, a quality manufacturer. These boats offer everything that an angler could want, and perform well in both lakes and rivers.

Any of these boats would be a great choice for anyone in the market for a personal boat for fishing. These mini pontoons and inflatable boats are extremely easy to move around and will provide you access to otherwise untouchable water. I know my mini pontoon boat opened up what seemed like "whole new worlds" of new fishing water to me.


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