Quality products for fishermen from Northwest Montana
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Quality products for fishermen from Northwest Montana

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Welcome to the JRW Backpack Store. We've once again partnered with a high quality company in order to bring you incredible savings. Backcountry is a very well known company, and is now working with JRWfishing.com. Let's face it, there are many times when you need to carry a change of clothes or two on a trout fishing excursion. And if you don't think so, I speak from experience when I say if you fall into the river and soak yourself, you'll wish you had a change of clothes. Take our word for it on that one.

Or you may need a small backpack to help carry all of your fishing tackle. If you need a way to carry your polarized sun glasses, Backcountry can even help you with that. Your child may even need a backpack for school. JRW and Backcountry can help with that. Wherever we can, JRWfishing.com attempts to bring value to our fellow fishing enthusiasts. It's our mission to you. To save you time and help you catch more fish.

So look around and see if you can't find a backpack to help you carry any bulky fishing tackle that you may have. And if you don't need one for your next fishing trip, you may need one for your next hiking or camping trip. If you're like us, and have a place like Glacier National Park a couple miles up the road, you do some hiking and or camping. If you are going to Glacier National Park don't forget about the trout fishing. There is some wonderful fishing to be had in the park. So grab a backpack and get out there and go fishing with JRW and Backcountry!




Backpacks ~ Quality products for fishermen from Northwest Montana