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Quality products for fishermen from Northwest Montana

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Mini Bass BoatsAre you looking to catch more fish in less time and with less hassle? Then the Sea Eagle line of FoldCat mini pontoon boats is the answer that you were looking for. If you're anything like us, having forty of fifty thousand dollars of disposable income for a boat simply isn't an option. When this is the case many people look for alternative solutions, which is how mini bass boats came into existence. Mini bass boats are just what their name suggests. Small bass boats usually made for one or two anglers. In many cases these boats look like paddle boats.

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Mini Bass BoatsThese types of watercraft are obviously much less expensive than traditional boats, but at the same time are fairly clumsy and small. Most of these type of boats are made from hard plastic, which makes them clumsy if they need to be moved from place to place, which becomes a real pain in the butt for busy fishermen.

This is where another option when it comes to mini bass boats comes into play, the inflatable option. I realize that this may sound crazy, but it's nonetheless true. When it comes to mini bass boats or inflatable fishing boats of any kind there are options available at a fraction of the cost of a "traditional bass boat". Many of these boats are extremely comfortable and a ton more convenient that regular boats, which makes them perfect for fishing.

Mini Bass BoatsInflatable bass boats can come in the form of a Paddleski, kayaks, outback pontoon boats, or my personal favorite the FoldCat. The FoldCat is made from two incredibly durable inflatable pontoons with a platform in between them for standing, holding tackle, stretching your legs, or whatever. This boat is powered by two oars, and even has a motor mount for a small motor if you would like. This inflatable bass boat is a great option among these types of watercraft for the angler looking to save some money and have a quality mini bass boat that will last for season after season.

Mini Bass BoatsThe other great thing about this type of boat is the fact that they are inflatable. This means that they can be easily moved from fishing spot to fishing spot. This is a HUGE advantage over their hard plastic cousins. Being able to simply "pump up" your boat when you want to makes these types of mini boats incredibly convenient.

If you're under the impression that inflatable boats aren't any good you haven't looked at these types of boats in a while. The boats I'm referring to are quality boats that last a lifetime. I know I've personally had mine for over 10 years. The important thing to remember is to purchase from a quality manufacturer. Good manufacturers will offer incentives like money back guarantees, free or discounted shipping, and/or trial periods.

Frameless Pontoon Boat

Here's what some satisfied customers have said about the FoldCat line of mini bass boats. These inflatable boats are hard to beat :

  1. "Anyone who is considering purchasing a boat should definitely look at the FoldCat 375. It is the most versatile bass boat I've ever seen. It's made my retirement a real pleasure." - Dave Biskerski, Massachusetts

  2. "I've given the FoldCat pretty rough treatment and it doesn't seem to hurt it any. It's been over rocks and snags and I haven't poked a hole in it yet. The hull material sample that Sea Eagle sent me sold me. I even tried puncturing the sample material and I couldn't." - Robert Ross - California

  3. My wife and I mainly do fly fishing. We made a lot of trips to Alaska and Canada and the FoldCat is so convenient. I tow a 5th wheel and you can't tow a boat behind one. I have limited truck bed space and didn't want to carry a boat over the cab; with the FoldCat in its bag and stowed away, it's always available. Very Convenient." - Terry Barron - California

Mini Bass Boats~ Quality products for fishermen from Northwest Montana