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Largemouth Bass Bait - What Are the Best Baits For Largemouth Bass?

Largemouth Bass BaitOn this page I'm going to list some of the most effective types of bait for largemouth bass. This article will list the natural baits and the more popular lures that imitate them. Any of these baits can be used live as largemouth bass bait as well. As a matter of fact, fishing with live bait for largemouth can be extremely effective, and any of these baits work great for these voracious predators.

One of the main things to remember when it comes to fishing for largemouth bass is that these fish love cover. Some types of "bass fishing cover" would include: lily pads, submerged trees or brush, flooded creek channels, and drop offs. They use cover to ambush their prey, and all of the baits below are prey for largemouth bass.

Largemouth Bass BaitLarge Aquatic & Terrestrial Insects - Large insects of all kinds are great largemouth bass bait. Depending on the body of water you're fishing in, the insects will change, but some of the more common are: hellgrammites, dragon flies, and large nymphs. The most popular artificial largemouth bass baits that imitate large insects are soft plastics, or Berkley's Gulp products (which are just like soft plastics, just more effective).

Largemouth Bass BaitCrayfish - Crayfish are a very effective bait for largemouth bass. These freshwater crustaceans are like candy for our silver friends. Large crayfish are an excellent bait for large bass. Live crayfish are difficult to fish with, but it can be done effectively with gang hooks. Some of the most popular artificial lures would include: The bush bug, Paca Craws, and the GYCD Fat Baby Craw.

Bait Fish - Bait fish are great bait for these bass, and the bait fish that's most prevalent in the body of water that you're fishing is your best bet. Bait fish can be used live or as artificial lures. Some of the more popular live bait fish for largemouth would include: scuds, frogs, shad, minnows or shiners and sunfish. Some of the more popular artificial versions that can be used as bait for largemouth bass  would include: The KickTail Minnow, Rapala's, Smithwick Rogues, Superior Frogs, and the Bomber Model A.

Largemouth Bass BaitFrogs - Frogs are a great bait for these predators. As a matter of fact, largemouth bass are so predatory there don't even have to be a lot of frogs present in your fishing water for frogs to be effective. Live frogs are very difficult to fish with, but can be extremely effective. Some of the more popular artificial frogs would include: The Spro Brozeye Frog, Mann's Superfrog, and Berkley's Power frogs. All of these artificial frogs are very effective largemouth bass baits.

So, what are the best baits for largemouth bass? Any of the above will work very well, and should be added to your bass fishing arsenal sooner rather than later. At the end of the day, the "best" bait for largemouth will vary from situation to situation. Hence the reason fishing for largemouth bass is so addictive and enjoyable, it's a puzzle that never truly gets solved.

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