Quality products for fishermen from Northwest Montana
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Quality products for fishermen from Northwest Montana

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Fishing from a kayak, or kayak fishing is a very popular activity, and JRWfishing can help with kayak fishing as well. Below you will find some kayaks that we've partnered with backcountry.com to help bring to our JRWfishing customers. These are high quality real kayaks that can be used for your favorite type of fishing.

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Most of these kayaks are easy to slip on the roof of your car, easy to hop in and out of, and a blast out on lakes, oceans, ponds, and/or rivers. Many of these inflatable kayaks have a curved, full chine hull design gives the Chatham kayak stability while maintaining a quick response to your strokes. Pack your weekend equipment in the bow and stern hatches, and keep your snacks and/or fishing gear for the day in the more accessible day hatch. Secure your map under the deck bungee and launch into your touring and/or fishing adventure.

If you're looking for a kayak that slips quietly and smoothly across lakes, rivers, and calm ocean waters, grab the Heritage Kayaks Pisgah 14 Kayak. The shallow V hull design provides straight tracking, while a progressive bow-to-stern rocker (the bow and stern rise out of the water a little like a rocking chair) makes this kayak easy to turn. Store maps, snacks, ands fishing tackle in the watertight bow and stern bulkheads for easy access.

Sea Eagle's New 385ftg FastTrack™ Mean Green Fishing Machine!
These high quality traditional and inflatable kayaks demonstrate the utmost in quality, and the company who sells them (NRS) demonstrates the utmost in quality customer service. They have been voted among the top internet retailers for five years in a row, and you can be sure they will help you with your purchase every step of the way. And how about FREE shipping? Many of these kayaks qualify for free domestic ground shipping. Who could argue with that?

Check them out and see for yourself how a kayak from JRWfishing and NRS can help save you time and money while also catching a ton of fish.
If you're in the market for kayak accessories for fishing or any other type of water sport we at JRW have you covered.


Kayaks ~ Quality products for fishermen from Northwest Montana