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We at JRWfishing have done it again.  We've paired up with a great company to bring you a great selection of quality float tubes and float tube accessories.  For those of you who don't know what a float tube is, a float tube is an inflatable single person boat that floats in the water and allows an angler the ability to navigate their favorite body of water. 

These personal boats come in three main styles.  The styles include:  the round, the U or V, and the pontoon style.   All styles have their strong and weak points, and from the pictures below, I'm sure you can tell the difference between the different styles.  The choice of which style to go with really has to do with price and comfort.  

Most float tubes require the user to have their feet (if not their entire torso) to be in the water, so waders are normally worn while using a float tube.   Of course, you wouldn't have to wear waders, but if the water is cold, you will most certainly wish you were wearing waders.  Float tubes are propelled by wearing kick paddles on your feet, which propel you forward as you kick your feet. 

We'll be honest with you, float tubing isn't for everyone, and takes some getting used to.  Being in a float tube (at least round or U styles) feels kind of like you might imagine being a duck would feel like.  Not only a duck, but for the first few tries, a drunk duck.  This can be enough to turn many anglers off, and scrap the float tube idea forever.  In all honesty, the pontoon style float tubes are much more maneuverable and easy to navigate on the water, which is probably why the cost more. 

The bottom line is that float tube fishing is a very popular and fun activity (once you get used to it) and we at JRW can now help you with this type of watercraft.  If you don't like the idea of getting your feet wet, you may want to check out our other friends at NRS for watercraft other than float tubes: 

If your heart is set on a float tube, below you will find some of the best float tubes available anywhere.  Check out these float tubes and see what you think..

Fishing Float Tubes

One of the most enjoyable and effective way to fish for bass is in a float tube. These "personal" boats have become extremely popular and are a great way to fish for bass, especially on smaller lakes. Float tubes have been used extensively by fly fishermen for many years, and are now becoming quite popular among bass fishermen.

These "personal boats" put you at the fish's level and allow you to be extremely stealthy when fishing. Weed beds and other bass holding structure can be worked extremely thoroughly from a float tube. These small bass boats have built in storage for all of your tackle as well. Having your tackle within easy reach makes changing lures very convenient, which is another reason float tubes are a great choice for bass fishermen.

There are two main types of float tubes available today. There are U-shaped float tubes and O-shaped tubes. I personally prefer U-shaped tubes for their maneuverability, but both styles work quite well. The biggest key to using any float tube is to inflate them well. This means using a good pump or even air compressor at a gas station. You want your tube to be inflated very tight with air.

If you have enough air in your tube you will sit high in the water, which is what you are looking for. Once you are in the water, fishing from one of these small boats is just like fishing from anywhere. I must admit, it takes a little getting used to at first though. Fishing from in the water is simply different than anything that you've experienced before. This certainly doesn't mean that bass fishing from float tubes isn't enjoyable and effective though, because it certainly is.

Bass fishing float tubes are also nice on your budget. Traditional boats can cost thousands of dollars, whereas these small boats cost hundreds. As a matter of fact you can get a starter tubes for $100-$150, a pair of fins for about $30, and a pair of waders for $100-$150. This means that your total investment for tube fishing will be under $300, which when compared to the cost of a "traditional" boat is a great deal.

The bottom line is that bass fishing tubes are not only an economical choice for bass fishermen, these boats are also an effective choice for bass fishermen. Many bass anglers fall in love with fishing from these small boats quite quickly because of all the reasons mentioned here. If you've never considered a tube for bass fishing, you may want to reconsider.

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